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Posture Corrector

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RiptGear® Posture Corrector

RiptGear® Posture Correctors are designed to help develop a better posture and relieve soreness from bad posture. We’ve designed the brace to be comfortable, yet strong and supportive. The material won’t itch or tug. RiptGear® posture correctors can help people who do a lot of driving or who sit at their desks for extended periods of time.

  • Relief Caused by Poor Posture
  • Discreet and Comfortable
  • Promotes Long-Term Muscle Memory Habits
  • Effective for Upper Back Pain & Lower Back Pain


Easy to Wear Design (Instructions)

Color: Black

Style: Sleek unisex design – For Men & Women

One Size Fits All: Adjustable from 27 Inches to 47 Inches

How to Measure: Measure around the widest part of the chest

Posture Corrector

Back Posture Corrector Designed to Relieve Pain

A RiptGear® Adjustable Posture Corrector can help support your back and shoulders while gently reminding you to sit and stand straight. Our Posture Corrector is a popular choice among customers because it is designed to be discreet, which means you can wear it under almost any article of clothing. Other posture correctors can be bulky or made of low-quality materials.  RiptGear® posture correctors are designed for quality and comfort.

  • Supports Poor Posture
  • Discreet and Comfortable
  • Promotes Long-Term Muscle Memor
  • Designed to help Back, Shoulder, & Neck Pain

Best Posture Corrector

Posture Corrective Back Brace

There are various styles of braces for posture correcting. However, not all braces are made with the same quality standards. RiptGear® back braces are designed to help eliminate back, neck, and shoulder pain in both men and women. The adjustable straps allow for an array of body types and heights to use this product. The backpack-like design makes it simple to wear.

RiptGear® Posture Correctors are Designed for Both Men and Women

Our intentions when designing this posture corrector were for it to be highly adjustable to fit both male and female bodies. It can be worn with ease over women's sports bras, nursing bras, and regular bras. Poor posture can be linked to low confidence, but this corrector reminds you to lengthen your spine and allow you to walk with confidence and ease.

Posture Corrector for Neck Pain

Necks have an important job. They are responsible for holding the weight of a bowling ball (a human head weighs approximately 10 pounds) all day long while keeping an optimal curvature in your neck spine.  It’s no wonder the neck is a common area to feel pain.

Leaning forward and looking down for long periods is one of the most common causes of neck pain.  This can happen while working, using a computer, using a smartphone, or at school. Improving your posture can help reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain.

There are many ways to feel neck pain, which include:

  • Tightness
  • Spasms
  • Headache
  • Pinching
  • Poor Posture
  • Pinched Nerves
  • Arthritis
  • Grinding Teeth
  • Car Accident
  • Whiplash
  • Misaligned Back

Poor Posture is by far the most common cause of neck pain.  A RiptGear® posture corrector can help remedy poor posture and eliminate neck pain by gently easing your upper back into place.

RiptGear® posture correctors are designed to help you sit and stand straighter more quickly than if you were doing it on your own. Our posture braces can help you achieve and maintain a straight and pain-free posture.

Posture Corrector When Sleeping – It is not advised to wear a posture corrector while sleeping unless you’ve been told otherwise by your doctor.  Sleeping is a time for your body to relax and rejuvenate. Wearing a posture corrector during sleep could strain your muscles or even cut off circulation.

Posture Corrector for Dowager’s Hump – A Dowager’s Hump is also known as hyper-kyphosis.  It is a structural change that affects your upper back, and it is often accompanied by the development of a fatty tissue pad between the lower neck and upper back.  If a dowager’s hump is the result of poor posture, a RiptGear® posture corrector might be able to help.  However, be sure to check with your doctor to be sure that the cause is only poor posture and not an underlying medical condition.

Posture Corrector for Scoliosis – Scoliosis is a condition that causes the spine to curve abnormally. Most cases develop during the teenage years and are mild, with no symptoms. However, left unchecked, scoliosis can negatively affect your posture as the muscles react to the curvature and give in to it, further twisting and rotating the spine and hips.  Retraining your muscles with a RiptGear® posture corrector might be able to help.

Posture Corrector for Rounded Shoulders – Rounded shoulders from slouching is one of the most common reasons for men and women to need a posture corrector.  RiptGear® posture correctors provide gentle correction when you slouch, reminding you to hold your shoulders back into a neutral position. The best posture correctors are comfortable and lightweight as well as versatile enough to adjust to many body sizes.

Posture Corrector for Kyphosis – Kyphosis is when the spine excessively curves outward, causing the shoulders and back to hunch over.  It is a spine deformity that is genetic and not caused by poor posture. Kyphosis is commonly referred to as ‘roundback’ or ‘hunchback’.  Although a posture corrector cannot cure kyphosis, it can counteract hunching by gently keeping your shoulders pulled back into proper alignment.

Back Brace for Posture

The Best Back Brace for Posture

RiptGear® Back Brace Posture Corrector is a high-quality product that is designed to provide pain relief from the discomforts that come with poor posture. It’s good to know that our high-quality product can help combat painful, poor posture. Men and women, although they have different body types, can both benefit from wearing a posture corrector because the unisex design and adjustable straps allow for a perfect fit. 

Do Posture Correctors Work?

Poor posture stems from any number of sources, from an injury to genetics, to poor gait. However, with gentle muscle retraining, it can be improved.  Improved posture can lead to a more active lifestyle as back pain is reduced.

RiptGear® posture corrector braces help counteract your muscle’s tendencies to relax which allows your spine to fall out of alignment.  Our posture correctors give slight pressure when you relax your muscles and reminds you to engage them.

When a person sits or stands for long periods it is natural to round your shoulders and haunch forward.  This forward slouch can weaken the soft tissues across your chest as well as your stomach muscles. Over time these tissues and muscles may shorten to where they feel stretched and uncomfortable when you try to stand straight. A posture corrector gently pulls your muscles back to a natural and neutral position by reminding your muscles to lengthen and elongate.

Our customers report that wearing a RiptGear® posture corrector 15-20 minutes at a time, two to three times a day can help alleviate weak muscles and retrains muscles back towards a natural posture position.

When you achieve better posture, it is possible that you will experience less back pain and fewer sleepless nights.

How to Help Posture

The answer to maintaining good posture is to keep your body in perfect alignment.  Day-to-day activities, stress, and fatigue allow us to relax our bodies and let them fall out of alignment.  Luckily, there are things you can do to restore your body’s natural curves and reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain.

  • Stay Active
  • Do not Cross Legs
  • Relax Shoulders
  • Engage Stomach Muscles
  • Stand and Stretch

Posture Corrector FAQ

How Soon Will I Notice Relief from my Posture Corrector?

As soon as you put it on you will notice a difference in your posture. If you have never worn one before it may feel odd at first. Know that your spine is slowly being straightened and you are on your way to better posture. It is important that wear it every day for 14 days to gauge how well it is working for you.

What Makes RiptGear’s Posture Corrector Back Brace the Best?

We dedicated a considerable amount of research to the design of our back brace. It is made from thin, breathable nylon fabric that is moisture-wicking and durable. Whether you are playing sports, walking the dog, or working at a desk job, wearing a RiptGear® back brace can offer you a higher level of comfort and help eliminate pain.

Does it Hurt to Wear a Posture Corrector for the First Time?

A RiptGear® posture corrector is meant to slowly elongate your muscles back to their natural position over time. Hunching forward can shorten chest and stomach muscles, making it difficult to stand up straight. Our posture corrector is completely adjustable so that you can start slowly and increase the pull (elongation of muscles) over time.

At first, you should adjust your posture brace so that you only feel a gentle pull, (a reminder) to stand up straighter.  Once that positioning becomes completely comfortable, you can re-adjust your brace to pull and elongate your muscles a bit more. Continue with this process until your body returns to a comfortable stance.  Be sure to continue use immediately if any pain, pinching, or numbness occurs.

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