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Compression Gloves

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RiptGear® Compression Gloves (PAIR)

RiptGear® Compression Gloves are made from high-quality, copper-infused fabrics. Our compression gloves for arthritis are designed to help you fight off pain from carpal tunnel, tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle strains, and pain from overuse.

Sold as a pair, RiptGear® Arthritis Gloves are made with the highest-quality, copper-infused fabrics. Our compression gloves are designed to be comfortable and help you with pain in your fingers as well as pains in your hands.

Arthritis pain and carpal tunnel injuries can be debilitating and crippling. At RiptGear®, we hope to help you get back on track and fight against the pain.

Common Uses

• Carpal Tunnel
• Tendonitis
• Rheumatoid Arthritis
• Muscle Strains
• Pain from Overuse
• Weightlifting
• Sports


Recommended Size Chart

IMPORTANT: To measure for size, measure across the palm of your hand right below your fingers.

Sold as a Pair (you will receive one glove for each hand)

Style: Unisex

Colors: Black

Sizes: (Measurements are in Inches)

Measure across the palm of your hand right below your fingers


EXTRA SMALL: 2.0" to 2.4"

SMALL: 2.5" to 2.7"

MEDIUM: 2.8" to 3.4"

LARGE: 3.5" to 3.9"

XLARGE: 4.0" to 4.5"

compression glove sizing


Compression Gloves for Arthritis

RiptGear® compression arthritis gloves are infused with copper which is believed to help prevent pain. Compression gloves are designed to help your blood flow more efficiently. They can help with pain in your fingers as well as pain in your hands. Some of the more common ailments our customers feel relief from are carpal tunnel pain, tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle strains, or pain from overuse of hands and fingers.  They can even help your hands feel better when knitting.

RiptGear® arthritis gloves offer gentle compression to help alleviate pain. Our gloves can help as you fight to relieve pain from arthritis, tendonitis, and other finger and hand pain. Our compression gloves are unisex and can be worn for long periods if you do not feel any discomfort.


RiptGear® Arthritis Gloves Features

To help provide you with long-lasting relief, RiptGear® arthritis gloves are made with high-quality, copper-infused materials. Our fabrics are made with 88% copper nylon and 12% spandex making them breathable and lightweight. Our compression gloves allow a full range of motion during daily activities.

We designed our arthritis gloves with a cutout finger design allowing you to work easier, allowing your fingers to type, text, make calls, or any other task needed.

Many of our customers state that wearing compression gloves helps decrease aches and chronic pain while keeping hands and fingers soft and warm.  All to alleviate debilitating arthritic pain. The inclusion of copper is meant to help with pain reduction, but it also has a natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial element.


Designed to Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Reducing symptoms from arthritic flare-ups can help you feel more relaxed and calm. Arthritis flare-up in fingers and joints can often be helped with gentle compression, which is said to reduce swelling, joint stiffness, and increase circulation.

Customers state a variety of benefits from wearing RiptGear® arthritis gloves. They vary from person to person.  For some, the gloves allow them to type for longer periods, play racquetball and tennis better, or squash longer. They can continue gardening and many other hobbies and activities. With a doctor’s recommendation, our gloves can be worn overnight to help aid in a good night’s sleep.


Best Arthritis Gloves

If you are searching for the best arthritis gloves that are made with high-quality, copper-infused materials, then RiptGear® is the brand for you.

Well-fitting compression gloves are comfortable and have an easy-to-use pull-on design which makes them great for both men and women. When you wear our copper compression gloves, they can help to stabilize and soothe lingering injuries.


How Compression Gloves Can Help

Compression gloves are designed to help alleviate the pain from osteoarthritis. Copper has been shown to increase blood flow. Increased blood flow can help bring oxygen and reduce swelling and stiffness from the common types of arthritis and degenerative osteoarthritis pain.

RiptGear® copper compression gloves can help ward off your symptoms from sports injuries which are one of the biggest sources of injury and pain which can result in inflammation.

Repetitive wrist activities such as painting, washing your car, or swinging a hammer, can cause pain along with stiffness and swelling. Compression gloves can help counteract the pain by keeping your blood flowing. 


What Causes Arthritis?

Arthritis is not a single condition but rather a general way of referring to joint pain and joint degeneration. It can be categorized as either degenerative arthritis or inflammatory arthritis. Less common are infectious arthritis and metabolic arthritis. There are many dozens of types of arthritis but the 3 most common are:

  1. Osteoarthritis – This is the most common form of arthritis. Its cause is the wear and tear of daily living on your joints. Over time your cartilage breaks down and no longer cushions your joint.  Being overweight and past injury can speed up the onset of osteoarthritis.
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis – Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by an autoimmune disease. The body’s immune system attacks its joints which causes inflammation.  Left untreated, rheumatoid arthritis can cause permanent joint damage. Often, rheumatoid arthritis is more painful than osteoarthritis and it can come on quickly or gradually, over time.
  3. Psoriatic Arthritis – Psoriasis is a common, inflammatory skin condition that often occurs along with arthritis. The skin condition presents as red, flaky patches on the skin. Most often arthritis develops before psoriasis, but this is not always the case.  Psoriatic arthritis is believed to be caused by an out-of-balance immune system and/or genetics.  Environmental factors may also play a role.

Wrist Pain Relief

Painful, tight wrists can happen when your arm flexors and extensors are too tight. Overusing your wrists can also lead to permanent injury resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist tendonitis.

Before taking action to help your wrist pain be sure to know if you have tightness or an injury. Tightness in your wrist is different than injury and needs to be treated differently.

Wrist tightness

If you are experiencing tightness in the flexors and extensors of your arm, it can help to periodically stretch them for 30 seconds, a few times a day. Extensors are found on the top side of your forearm and flexors are on the underside (wrist side) of your forearm.

To stretch tight wrists:

  1. Stand with your arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the floor.
  2. Make a fist with both hands.
  3. Bend your wrists to move your fists towards the floor to stretch your extensors and hold 30 seconds.
  4. Release and rest for 10 seconds.
  5. Bend your wrists to move your fists toward the ceiling to stretch your flexors and hold for 30 seconds.
  6. Release and rest for 10 seconds.
  7. Repeat steps 3 – 6

Wrist injury 

Wrist injuries include temporary injuries such as strain and sprain as well as permanent injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. Most wrist injuries will benefit from the 3 following actions but be sure to check with your doctor before self-treating.

  1. Immobilizing – wear a wrist brace or splint to restrict movement
  2. Elevating – elevate the wrist above your heart to help stop swelling
  3. Using Ice – ice the injury regularly to reduce swelling and pain

Hand Pain Relief

Be sure that your compression gloves fit well. It is important that they are not too tight or too loose or you will have a smaller chance of finding relief. Be sure to consult with your doctor if you need help determining the best fit. Compression material is said to help increase blood flow which increases the amount of oxygen at the affected area. We all use our hands every day and so the possibility of overuse and strain is high.

It is now becoming common to see signs of hand strain in gamers and artists. RiptGear® open-finger compression gloves are a good choice for those who need support but need their fingers exposed for gripping.



Can compression gloves prevent arthritis?

Arthritis compression gloves will not prevent arthritis, but they are designed to help alleviate the pain and swelling that results. The fabric provides mild compression to ease pain and swelling and help make it easier to complete daily activities, including work.

A positive side effect of experiencing less pain is feeling calmer and more relaxed.

How tight should arthritis gloves be?

It is important to find a comfortable level of compression when wearing arthritis gloves. You want to be sure they are not too loose and not too tight. With either of these two situations, you will receive no benefit from wearing the gloves.

If arthritis gloves are too loose, you will not feel a decrease in swelling or pain.  And, if they are too tight, they can cause additional discomfort.

It is also possible that gloves will feel tighter or looser in different seasons and you may need to switch sizes depending on outside temperatures. For example, if your hands swell in the summer heat, you may need to wear a larger size during those months than you would in the winter.

Ultimately, pain and comfort patterns vary from person to person.  Experiment to see what works best for you.

Do compression gloves really work?

Arthritis compression gloves are often recommended by doctors and therapists to ease arthritis pain. Compression gloves cannot fully cure ailments such as arthritis and carpal tunnel, but they are commonly recommended to help manage symptoms such as pain.

Heat and compression are known to increase circulation which is also known as blood flow.  Increased blood flow can decrease inflammation and ease the pain.  When symptoms are reduced, you may experience increased grip strength and a fuller range of motion.

How long should you wear compression gloves?

Compression gloves can be worn up to eight hours at a time, but it is important to gradually work your way up to that length. The amount of time you wear them is entirely up to you and will be based on the way your hands react to compression. Additionally, some people prefer to wear them while they sleep, and others while they are at work.  Try both before deciding which is best for you.

Start wearing the gloves for 20-30 minutes at a time before giving your hands a break.  If you feel discomfort or pain during that time, take them off.  If you feel relief, take a 10 - 15-minute break before putting them on again.  After a few rounds of putting them on and taking them off, you will know what length of time works best for you.  Work up to 8 hours at a time if your hands agree.

Can you wear compression gloves to bed?

Before wearing compression garments of any kind to bed, check with your doctor to be sure your condition doesn’t present any contraindications. Additionally, try wearing the garment during the day first to be sure it doesn’t cause any negative side effects.  For example, you will want to know if compression gloves fit properly before wearing them to bed so that they don’t cause your fingers to fall asleep.

A study published in the American Journal of Physical Medicine states that 23 patients with rheumatoid arthritis showed improvement in hand symptoms when they wore a compression glove to bed vs a loose-fitting glove.  Hand symptoms such as pain, morning stiffness, swelling, night-time throbbing, and numbness decreased with the patients’ nighttime use of a compression glove.  [i]

Who can benefit from wearing compression gloves?

It is important to consult with your doctor before starting to wear any compression garment.  However, compression therapy is generally safe and useful in managing painful tired hand and finger joints due to arthritis, swelling, carpal tunnel, typing, trigger finger, gaming, and neuropathy.

Athletes have also been known to wear compression materials to help prevent injury and improve performance.



At RiptGear® we are always finding ways to help protect and reduce pain for active people. Our hand compression gloves can help provide support and are designed to reduce soreness throughout the day.

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