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Cooling Towel

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RiptGear® Instant Cooling Towels

RiptGear® instant cooling towels are manufactured using soft, breathable and lightweight, microfiber-mesh material. These cooling towels are engineered to cool you approximately 35 degrees, allowing you to stay cool for hours.

• Rapidly reduce your body temperature
• Help prevent heat exhaustion and heatstroke
• Keep your temperature low during a fever, headache, or migraine
• Stay cool for hours

RiptGear® cooling towels are designed using a soft, breathable and lightweight, microfiber-mesh material. Our cooling towels are designed to stay cool, keeping your temperature approximately 35 degrees below normal human body temperature. This can help you stay cool for hours.

The towel's cooling properties are activated by soaking it in water. Then, after wringing it out, snap it and wave it in the air. When you do this, the absorbent material evaporates the water and creates a long-lasting cooling action.

Benefits of a Cooling Towel

  • Dries soft to the touch with no dripping
  • Easily reactivated with water
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Cools you which reduces heart rate, high body temperature, and blood pressure
  • Help prevent heat exhaustion and heatstroke
  • Keeps your temperature low during a fever, headache, or migraine
  • Stays cool for hours
  • Machine washable

Instant Cooling Towel Dimensions and Instructions

RiptGear® cooling towels have an eye-catching design and a comfortable feel.

The lightweight towel is made of top-quality, soft-to-the-touch materials. Unlike older-style, hydro-absorbing towels that become coarse, rough, and hard when they’re dry, our materials remain soft to the touch - whether they are dry or wet.

The durability of the towel ensures reusability after usage and washes. The lightweight material is perfect for all fitness and sporting activities. The towel will help regulate your body temperature amid fitness activities, sports, or on a hot day.

Style: Unisex

Dimensions: (40” x 12” inches) and 36” x 11.5” inches (after a few washing cycles)

3 Easy Steps:

  • Wet the towel, wring it out, snap it, then wave it in the air.
  • Reactivate the chill factor by repeating step one or simply snap it again and wave it around.
  • Keep it chilled and cooled by soaking, wringing, snapping, and waving.


Best Cooling Towel

Best Towel for Work Outs and Sports

RiptGear® cooling towels are the new cooling standard for workouts and sports. Our cooling towels are different from gym towels, traditional towels, and old-style cooling towels. They remain soft to the touch even when dry. They don’t feel course on your skin after a workout, or on a hot day.

Our towels are soft, breathable (keeping your skin cool), and can absorb moisture. They evaporate sweat which provides long-lasting cooling capabilities.

RiptGear® Cooling towels are designed to be durable, lightweight, and are amazingly effective at keeping you cool!

  • INSTANT COOLING TOWEL – RiptGear’s cooling towel has been designed with soft-touch, knitted, microfiber mesh with high-quality stitching. Adding water to the towel activates the evaporative cooling action that provides you with hours of refreshing cooling
  • EASY ACTIVATION AND REACTIVATION – The cooling properties of the towel are easily activated when you add water to the towel, wring it out, then snap it and wave it around. These actions evaporate the water into the microfiber of the towel, and the towel becomes cool. Simply re-wet the towel to re-activate its cooling capabilities

RiptGear® cooling towels are soft and made of durable materials. This towel is long but folds up easily to a comfortable size.


#1 Recommended Cooling Towel

We, at RiptGear®, take pride in the quality of our materials and designs. We designed our cooling towels with an ultra-soft and absorbent mesh fabric that is bound together with the highest-quality stitching.

This towel is guaranteed to keep you cool in hot as well as humid conditions.
Added Convenience.

  • The evaporating technology keeps water from dripping out of the towel which makes it less of a hassle and convenient because it keeps you from slipping on any water drips.
  • The cooling towel is quickly ready for use once it is wet, wrung, snapped, and waved in the air.


Perfect for Hot Summer Days

Unlike cotton, a RiptGear® cooling towel stays dry to the touch even though it is actually wet and regulating your temperature – even if the surrounding conditions change. The towel is suitable for hot conditions such as outdoor concerts, events, and sporting activities. If you work outside, this towel will keep you cool during high-temperature days.

Yoga Towel by RiptGear®

Perfect for Hot Yoga and Other Workouts

RiptGear® yoga cooling towels are perfect for use during hot yoga classes or any activity in the hot sun. The towels instantly cool to below body temperature. Additionally, these wearable towels provide an Ultra Violet Protection Factor (UPF) to help protect you from the sun’s rays. RiptGear’s towel can assist in regulating your body temperature on hot days.

Excellent for sporting events, outdoor activities, and exercise such as fitness training, running, core body temperature regulation, outdoor adventures, outdoor ball games, CrossFit training, and much more!

The evaporative qualities and hydro transference provide cooldown athletes while engaged in various fitness activities such as jogging, running, yoga, cycling, beach sports, golf, basketball, football, hiking, baseball, and volleyball.

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