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RiptGear® Non-Slip Headbands

RiptGear® Headbands are not only worn for aesthetic reasons but in fact, they are designed to serve an important purpose. We have designed these headbands to be non-slip, so they stay in place and do their job during your workout. Each headband is made out of a comfortable, sweat-wicking fabric that you can wear all day long without any irritation.

• Yoga or Hot Yoga Headbands
• Workout Headbands
• Sports Headbands
• Running Headbands
• Fitness Headbands

Yoga Headbands

Best Yoga Headbands

Our headbands are stretchy, soft, and helpful in keeping hair pulled back during yoga practice. This allows you to focus on more important matters while on the mat.

Though they can be worn for many other reasons from fashion to housework, these headbands are designed with a wider band than others to catch more hair and hold it back. You can wear our headbands either folded over to make them thinner or opened wide.

RiptGear® headbands are packed full of useful features from their non-slip design, to their comfortable, sweat-absorbing fabrics that can be worn anywhere. Many past customers feel these headbands are softer than microfiber. Additionally, they stretch to fit almost any head size.

Our headbands are so versatile you can wear them anywhere, for any reason, and we have one to match nearly every outfit.


Workout Headbands

Best Workout Headbands

Not all headbands are created equal, and RiptGear® has spent countless hours designing a headband that works well enough that you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

Our headbands offer a non-slip design in beautiful, brilliant colors and materials that are comfortable and soft. We offer over a dozen designs, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.

Your exercise routine will depend on what design is ideal for you.  We’ve also made these headbands machine washable so that you can feel fresh and clean for each and every workout.

Plus, the elastic material is designed so that it will not give you a headache after wearing it for a while.


Stylish Sweat-Wicking Headbands

If you want to look your best every day, RiptGear's colors stay true no matter how many times you wash your headband.

Best of all, they are machine washable so you don't have to worry about rinsing them out by hand and hanging them to dry.

RiptGear® Headbands offer a style and design that fits everyone’s lifestyle.

At RiptGear, we want you to stay focused throughout your yoga routine and not be distracted by rogue flyaways that are common with standard headbands.

They can be worn simply for style on the days you are not practicing.

They are so versatile you can wear them anywhere for anything. Choose from a variety of patterns and colors.



Running Headbands

Best Running Headbands

The best thing about RiptGear® headbands is that they are designed to be used in all activities. For many sports including running, these headbands feature multi-season options.

You can pull them down over your ears on a cold day, use them as a scrunchy to pull back your hair into a ponytail, or just wear them normally, the choice is yours.

Runners face all sorts of weather conditions, so it's important to have a headband that not only keeps hair out of your face but is also comfortable. Wearing a tight headband for a long period of time can become painful and cause headaches. This can slow you down as you become unable to think about anything but your ill-fitting headband.

We understand that in order to maximize running performance you can't have distractions. You have to stay focused on your goals, which is exactly what RiptGear® products allow wearers to do.

No matter what physical activity you love, RiptGear® headbands are the perfect addition to your workout attire.

At RiptGear® we are always looking for ways to maximize your yoga practice, running routine, or another workout.

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