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Knee Compression Sleeves

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RiptGear® Knee Compression Sleeve

RiptGear® Knee Sleeves are designed to provide compression to sore muscles and joints. Compression knee sleeves can help with both generalized pain or specific pain such as a dislocated patella, osteoarthritis, or a sports-related knee injury. RiptGear® knee braces have been designed to provide comfort and stability. Compression knee braces are also used by runners and joggers to prevent knee injuries and are commonly used to aid in recovery after knee surgery.

Knee Compression Sleeve

Compression braces are designed to help secure and redistribute weight so that an injured knee can heal quickly. Common injuries that customers buy a knee brace for include a twisted knee, ligament injuries, and incorrect ankle-to-knee alignment.

Generalized knee pain can have many sources, many of which can be challenging to pinpoint. Sources of knee pain include anything from tendinitis in the knee, runner’s knee, knee dislocation, or even bursitis.

At RiptGear®, we designed our knee sleeves to help with many knee pain issues. We designed our compression material to be both supportive and comfortable. With rest, ice, compression, and elevation, our knee sleeves are designed to help hold your knee in place.

Our knee sleeves are designed to help customers deal with pain from arthritis, osteoporosis, tendinitis, and sports-related injuries.


Knee Compression Sleeve – Sizes and Instructions

Size Chart (inches):

The RiptGear Knee Sleeve is made with high-quality materials, they are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The RiptGear Knee Compression Sleeve comes in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL. For the best fit, please use the sizing chart below before ordering.

Sizing in Inches With a flexible measuring tape measure the circumference of your leg 4 inches above the center of your kneecap.

Small: 14 - 15 in.

Medium: 16 - 17 in.

Large: 18 - 19 in.

Extra Large: 20 - 21 in.

2X Large: 22 - 23 in.

3X Large: 24 - 25 in.

4X Large: 26 - 28 in.

5X Large: 29 - 32 in.

* If you are between sizes you can choose the smaller size for extra compression.



Perfect Compression that Fits

RiptGear® knee sleeves come in five sizes, allowing most customers to find a helpful fit. They slide on easily and can be worn beneath clothing to give you the satisfaction of support while remaining discreet.

With the perfect size, you won’t have to worry about your knee sleeve rolling or sliding down your leg.  We designed our knee sleeves with a bead of rubber along the top, inner seam. This bead gently and comfortably keeps your knee sleeve in place.

Designed for Maximum Support

Our sleeves are constructed of a strong, yet breathable, nylon material with a bit of added spandex and rubber to provide stretch and comfort. The compression is designed to provide stability and support for weak or injured knees and joints. Compression sleeves are a helpful choice to wear during sports and other activities that involve stress on the knee joints.

Compression That Helps Reduce Pain

We designed our braces to provide targeted compression. Customer feedback confirms that consistent and gradual compression is the best way to alleviate discomfort and help ward off future injury. Consistent, gentle compression can help reduce muscle and tissue inflammation caused by overuse, fatigue, and injury.

Our flexible compression support sleeve is a great choice for those who engage in sports or other activities that require repetitive knee movements.

Best Knee Sleeves

If you are searching for a product that moves with you and performs well, choose a supportive knee sleeve that allows you a full range of movement. RiptGear® supportive knee braces are designed to support the knee and help alleviate pain associated with jumpers’ knee, runners’ knee, and generic knee pain.

Our knee sleeve can be worn beneath clothing for a comfortable fit that is barely noticeable. The design is easy to pull on and can be worn when participating in various sports and activities. RiptGear® has you covered!

Knee Brace for Arthritis

Knee Brace for Osteoarthritis

Are you suffering from arthritis in your knee? A RiptGear® compression-fit brace is designed to help.

Our RiptGear® knee braces offer compression for chronic knee pain. Compression can reduce pressure on your knee by redistributing weight. This can help you feel less pain, allowing you to regain confidence and return to normal activity. However, compression knee braces are not just designed for the physically active; anyone with knee pain can try wearing compression fabrics.

Even if you do not participate in physical activity and only need a product designed for simple day-to-day activities, compression-fit braces can be the perfect solution. A compression knee brace can help re-train your muscles and make them stronger.

Our braces slip on easily beneath your clothing to give you the satisfaction of support while still being discreet.

Our goal for you is less pain in your day-to-day activities.

Do Compression Knee Sleeves Work?

RiptGear® knee sleeves offer valuable compression. Compression increases blood flow which is said to reduce pain.  Also, customers state that their knees warm up quicker when wearing high-quality knee sleeves. Knee sleeves can be invaluable at stabilizing your knee during activities such as:

  • Running
  • Hiking
  • CrossFit
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Bodybuilding
You do not need to be a professional or even a serious athlete to benefit from compression knee sleeves. Compression knee sleeves are commonly used for running and dealing with issues such as arthritis. Compression can also help with knee replacement recovery, ACL surgery, meniscus tear surgery, bursitis, and arthritis pain.

Knee sleeves help everyone differently, be sure to base your choice on personal preference and discussion with your doctor.


Knee Sleeve Benefits?

Being active can take a toll on your body, especially your knees.  Your knees work hard as they move your body around.  It is possible for unhealthy knees to lead to unhealthy hips, ankles, and even a misaligned back.

The advantage of wearing compression knee sleeves is that they are designed to help protect your knee from further damage and injury.  Our compression knee sleeves are made from high-quality nylon with 10% spandex to help the material conform to your leg perfectly.

At RiptGear®, we are dedicated to offering products that can help.  Our goal is to help our customers reduce pain and live better, everyday lives. Compression knee sleeves are a popular way to help eliminate knee pain.


How do Knee Braces Help?

Compression products work by increasing blood circulation.  This increased blood flow helps your body in many ways.

  • An increase in oxygenated blood feeds muscles and can help restore them. Oxygenated blood also helps your body regenerate healthy tissue.
  • Your blood helps filter lactic acid out of your muscles and replenishes them with fresh blood. With increased circulation, lactic acid is removed more quickly and more efficiently.
  • Lactic acid builds up during exercise. An increase in freshly oxygenated blood helps to reduce the amount of lactic acid buildup.

During Travel

Another valuable way that compression products help, especially those designed to increase leg circulation, is during air travel.  Wearing knee, calf, or leg compression sleeves during air travel can help increase your circulation and reduce your chances of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

DVT can be life-threatening and occurs when a blood clot forms in one of your deep veins, such as those in your legs. It is more likely to happen if you are sedentary for long periods, such as during air travel.

If a blood clot develops and breaks loose, it can travel through your bloodstream to your lungs and block blood flow. A pulmonary embolism develops when one or more arteries in the lungs become blocked by a blood clot. Symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, and coughing. Prompt treatment is essential.

During Recovery

Wearing compression knee sleeves during recovery will help speed the process. Knee sleeves can decrease soreness and swelling and increase circulation. Wearing them can help to break down lactic acid buildup more quickly. It has been stated that wearing high-quality compression fabrics can help you recover more quickly than if you don’t wear them.

Knee Sleeve vs. Knee Brace

If you suffer from knee pain or are actively involved in a sport, it can be helpful to choose a proper knee support brace. Although the terms knee sleeve and knee brace are often used interchangeably, there is a difference between them.

  • A knee sleeve is made of stretchy fabric that slips over your knee. It provides compression and light support.  A compression knee sleeve can also increase blood flow and oxygen to the affected area
  • A knee brace is studier and will limit and even slow your movements.  Knee braces are often used during recovery from more severe injuries or surgery. Braces are bulkier and often have additional mechanical support that restricts movement as you heal.

We at RiptGear® offer three styles of knee support products from which to choose. Your needed level of restriction and compression is based on your level of injury and pain.

  • Knee Sleeve – Offers targeted compression for less severe injuries and pain. They are made of soft, flexible fabric that is pulled up over your knee.  They are comfortable to wear and provide instant support and relief.
  • Open Patella Knee Brace – Offers sturdier knee support and helps relieve patella pressure. This brace style is stiffer and less flexible than a knee sleeve. Open Patella Knee Braces are open above the patella (kneecap), which allows it to track correctly.
  • Patella Knee Strap – Wraps around your leg, below your kneecap, and tightens to your desired compression. This knee brace style is designed to relieve pain from runner’s knee and jumper’s knee. Like an open patella brace, it also helps to keep your patella in place.
Be sure to discuss with your doctor which style of brace will be best for your needs.


Knee Pain After Running

Do you experience Knee Pain when running or walking?  The physical strain of these activities may be aggravating your knee joint and causing pain.   One condition brought about by running and walking is runner’s knee.

What is Runner’s Knee?

Knee compression sleeves are designed to help with pain issues.  Runner’s knee is not only experienced by runners, but also by walkers and even people who have desk jobs.

Additionally, Runner’s Knee isn’t only one type of injury. It is a broad term used to describe a myriad of knee-pain symptoms. There are several ways that runner’s knee can be brought on:

  • Poor Posture – Your body is meant to be finely tuned. When any specific area is out of balance or out of alignment, the other areas also become misaligned. If any bones from your ankles to your hips are out of balance, you will feel pain in your knees.
  • Weak Thigh Muscles – Your thigh muscles keep your kneecap correctly aligned and on track when you walk, bend, and sit. Weak muscles will let your kneecap fall out of place and cause knee pain.
  • A Meniscus Tear – A torn meniscus can cause knee pain. Wearing a knee sleeve that offers gentle compression and warmth to the knee joint is an excellent choice to help heal the tear.
  • Chondromalacia Patella – If your patella isn’t tracking correctly, it can wear down the cartilage under your kneecap, causing a condition called chondromalacia patella.
  • Overuse – Walking, running, or working out more than usual can tire your knee muscles and lead to pain.

Two Types of Runner’s Knee:

Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) - IT band syndrome occurs in the side of the knee. The IT band is a thick tendon-ligament band found on the side of your knee and thigh.  ITBS is common in runners and serious walkers.

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) Patellofemoral pain varies but is usually more in the front of the knee. PFPS is common in people who sit for many hours a day.


How Long to Wear a Knee Sleeve

At RiptGear®, our goal is to help you reduce and avoid pain.  Knowing how long to wear your knee sleeve will help you achieve that goal.

RiptGear® knee sleeves are a product designed to help you support the muscles in your knee. When you first try on your knee sleeve, be sure to check three things:

  • Does it provide comfortable compression to the affected area? If yes, then GOOD
  • Does it leave deep, uncomfortable indents in your skin at the edges of the sleeve? If yes, then BAD
  • Can you comfortably move and walk when wearing it? If yes, then GOOD

Buying from a trusted brand, such as RiptGear®, ensures that you are buying from a company with a long-standing history of exemplary customer service.  We are always happy to help and are here to answer any questions you have.

Compression products are best able to help when they are used over time. If the product fits well and causes no discomfort or loss of feeling, you can wear it for hours at a time.

However, if you wish to wear your knee sleeve overnight, be sure to consult with your doctor.  It is not recommended that you wear compression products while sleeping.

When you are standing, gravity helps move blood throughout your body. However, when laying down your circulation is slower, and the additional compression from your compression product may hamper proper circulation.


Knee Support Sleeves

Deciding to use a RiptGear® knee support sleeve is a great choice to help deal with your knee pain and discomfort.  Wearing the perfect knee support will allow you to remain healthy and mobile. There are many different reasons why you might need a knee sleeve.  At RiptGear® we are always finding ways to try and protect and help our customers.

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